Pleggo is a plant-based egg scramble using one of the most sustainable protein sources available, the mung bean. Not only does it look and cook like an egg, but tastes even better. The egg substitute contains less fat than a chicken egg, is protein-rich, and has zero cholesterol. Their motto: plants, not chicks — a better egg for you and the planet.

The Brand Need

Pleggo, a scaling startup and plant-based food product sought a new visual identity to target animal-friendly, vegan consumers and environmentally conscious buyers.

The Brand Problem

This startup had already found a product-market fit with cooking demonstrations and taste samplings at local farmer’s markets in larger cities across the U.S. They needed a brand that would attract their target audience on a global scale and match the quality of their product. They also had the challenge to convince consumer’s the product was not made from chickens, even though it looked and tasted like a chicken egg. A name that was fun and easy to say was also requested.

The Brand Solution

Polarized Branding designed a rustic brand identity that allows Pleggo to be the only egg substitute that appeals to the ultimate food enthusiast and eco-conscious consumer. We targeted urban millennials who enjoy frequenting farmer’s markets, cooking, and farm-to-table cuisine. The brand’s visual look has a familiar warm, organic, local farm vibe, but fresh pops of color help grab attention on display shelves while boldly stating, ‘Plants Not Chicks’ — their signature tagline. The brand name fused the words ‘plant’ and ‘egg‘ to create a unique compound name. And the hand-drawn illustration of the mung bean plant helps tell the authentic story behind the brand. The carton is made of 100% recyclable materials, not plastic like competitor’s packaging, further reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Logo on brown textured paper for Pleggo - plant-based egg scramble
Mung bean photo next to Pleggo plant-based egg scramble cartons in two sizes
Woman carrying grocery tote bag that says Plants Not Chicks with pink flowers from farmers market
Three cartons of Pleggo, a plant-based egg scramble in three sizes with a rustic farm landscape illustration
Website home of Pleggo a plant-based egg scramble substitute on laptop in cafe with a coffee and croissant
Digital poster advertisement at airport train station of Pleggo, plant-based egg scramble with young male carrying leather bags

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