Nesty is the home of electronic medical records for patients and care providers. The modern, user-friendly healthcare software and mobile app is the easiest way to manage an individuals health data regardless of where care was given. Their technology benefits the patient by allowing doctors to better coordinate their care, helps them get more informed care, and supports them in case of an emergency.

The Brand Need

Nesty, a scaling startup and EMR provider, sought a new visual identity to target customers tired of recalling their health information every time they went to a new healthcare provider.

The Brand Problem

This startup was looking to breathe new life into the dull, boring world of traditional EMR software known for being unnecessarily complicated and not user-friendly. Managing medical records can be complex for both the patient and provider. They needed a company name that captured the essence of the brand’s mission with a visual and verbal persona to match the power of their story.

The Brand Solution

Polarized Branding created a clean, heartfelt brand identity that showcases Nesty’s stand-out position in the marketplace. The idea behind the logo combines a heart, a bird’s nest, and a person holding out their arms to hug, creating a very empathetic brand. These three elements make up the logo icon and represent the safety a home provides. One can feel at ease knowing that their medical records are secure and protected 24/7. The overall creative is modern and inviting, and influenced by minimalistic Scandinavian design. Through storytelling, humanizing the brand brings it to life, attracting generation Y and Z to use the mobile app and encouraging them to teach the older generations just how easy it is to use. For healthcare providers, the robust yet straightforward UX design helps them to navigate the software in record time, providing a stress-free experience that lightens their daily workload and allows them to do what they do best; serve their patients.

Logo for Nesty an EMR software and mobile app
Woman using mobile phone app and homepage website for Nesty on tablet
Wall street posters for Nesty, a EMR software and mobile app
Stationary mockup design for electronic medical record company Nesty
Harbor boardwalk with a digital poster advertisement for Nesty, the EMR software and mobile app
Instagram carousel story design for Nesty, the EMR software and mobile app

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