EcoClick is a stock photography platform putting the majority of the proceeds towards fighting for climate justice worldwide. Their mission is to raise awareness and educate others on the climate crisis, leading to actionable change. They do this by empowering the world’s most talented photographers to use their passion for good, one capture at a time.

The Brand Need

EcoClick, a scaling startup, and stock photography website, sought a new visual identity to target eco-conscious customers and environmental enthusiasts.

The Brand Problem

This startup was looking for a way to differentiate itself from other stock photography sites, showcasing the unique mission and getting people to support the cause. They also needed a new, catchy brand name that better reflected what they were all about, sounded strong, and was memorable.

The Brand Solution

Polarized Branding created a bold brand identity that showcases EcoClick’s unique value and market positioning. We chose an icon representing the brand name with the earth symbolizing the ecological focus and the circular shape pattern suggesting the opening and closing of a camera lens. The vibrant colors help bring energy and awareness around the importance of the climate crisis and encourages customers and advocates to share across their social media, ultimately expanding their brand reach and mission impact.

EcoClick logo on wooden wall
Man on laptop looking at EcoClick website homepage
African American woman posing with black t-shirt saying Click For Climate Justice - EcoClick
Multiple website page layout for EcoClick
Colorful, geometric water bottle design for EcoClick
Social media designs on Instagram for EcoClick

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