The Polarized Impact Brand Process

To stay relevant and win in an era of shifting paradigms, innovative leaders need to think and act in new ways. Great branding continuously evolves and results from deep foundational work that surfaces your business’ hidden potential. Our approach to brand building is simple: to lead the market and drive customer behavior, you must become an Impact Brand. We reveal the intangible essence of your culture through our collaborative process, develop breakthrough brand solutions, and create meaningful relationships with your customers, employees, and partners.

We will renew your company for transformational growth and drive purposeful impact using brand as its differentiator

Your Brand Quest

We’ve crafted the regenerative brand building process into a simple, four-step journey over 10 weeks. Our remote services allow you to either start with steps 1 and 2, then add steps 3 and/or 4, or commit to the full Brand Quest.

Holly Greiff at Polarized Branding in home office working at desk with computer


Impact Brand Clarity Workshop

Basecamp discovery phase designed to get clarity fast. Timeline: 8 hours

Over two, half-day virtual sessions, Holly Greiff conducts the interactive workshop with your leadership team. We’ll unpack and discover your business goals, audience, brand, and gather information to inform the Impact Brand Guide (Step 2).

• Explore brand heart (purpose, vision, mission)
• Identify audience persona & brand persona
• Conduct competitor analysis & differentiator
• Achieve alignment & unite leadership team


Holly Greiff at Polarized Branding conducting brand strategy with post-it notes on a white board


Impact Brand Guide

A strategic management tool to guide decisions for the brand. Timeline: 4 weeks

Time to climb! Holly will guide you as we develop the Impact Brand Guide, bridging the gap between business strategy and customer experience. The purpose of the guide is to align your business goals and create a high level of cohesion of the master brand that is easy to understand and communicate.

• Claim market position
• Craft tagline & brand promises
• Create messaging & storytelling frameworks
• Develop look & feel of personas


Holly Greiff walking in the snow in Germany wearing a winter beanie and Fjallraven jacket


Impact Brand Naming Session

Craft a compelling brand name and defined brand architecture. Timeline: 4 hours & 2 weeks

With Holly, you’ll set foot on a virtual, half-day session where we’ll co-create naming options. Next, we’ll strategically organize the architecture, focusing on the customer’s needs.

• Domain/trademark availability & guidance
• Competitor & linguistic screening
• Create a future-proof brand architecture
• Energize & strengthen leadership team


Holly Greiff at Polarized Branding searching conducting brand identity design and looking at brand book in home office


Impact Brand Playbook

A visual and verbal guide to create the brand persona. Timeline: 4 weeks

We’re almost to the top! With your input, Holly will work with our design team to develop the Impact Brand Playbook and logo. The outcome is a cohesive visual identity system that reflects the brand’s strategic objectives, differentiates the brand from competitors, and brings the brand to life.

• Develop art direction & style boards
• Craft verbal expression (tone & voice)
• Design logo & brand identity system
• Create key visual touchpoint examples


At the end of the day, having an Impact Brand is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Summiting The Peak

Take a moment to breathe in that crisp mountain air and elevated brand clarity because you did it! By embarking on this brand quest, you committed to the bold mission of transforming into a better business for a brighter future.

Now, before you head down the mountain, we’ll make sure to equip you with easy-to-use tools designed to help your brand thrive, not just survive, in the wild.


Impact Brand Thrival Kit

Three tools to bring the brand to life and thrive in the marketplace

Impact Brand Guide

A strategic management tool to guide decisions for the brand

Check mark circle icon in red
Check mark circle icon in red

Impact Brand Sheet

A single-page, high-level overview of the brand

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Impact Brand Playbook

A visual and verbal guide to create the brand persona, plus logo files

To create a cohesive and consistent on-brand experience, simply share this branding kit with a marketing team, web designer, or social media manager.

Looking to become a sustainable brand or need referrals?

If you are interested in taking the next steps to become a sustainable business or attain the B Corp certification, we would be happy to provide you with referrals that cater to your exact needs. We have a partnership network that includes talented sustainability/B Corp consultants, ethical marketers, and eco-conscious creatives.

Ready to build your Impact Brand?

Take your first step by booking a clarity call with Holly

Polarized Promises

Customer experience is consistent which builds trust.
Partners feel more inspired and customers feel more connected.
Employees believe in and support the brand’s mission.
Save money instead of wasting it on marketing that fails.
Accelerate impactful growth by aligning on direction.
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