“A brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what they say it is.”

Meaning your brand is defined by your customer’s overall perception of your business. It’s much more than just a name or a logo. A brand is an emotional, gut feeling these visual assets evoke. Therefore, branding is the activity of carefully crafting that perception, which develops into genuine relationships built on trust. This trust then leads to increased sales and acquiring valuable customers who turn into brand evangelists marketing the company for you.

The Polarizeberg Method

An iceberg illustration.

Imagine your business is a polar iceberg

The most substantial part sits below the surface and includes the brand heart, brand strategy, and brand identity. These are the areas we help you craft, building a purposeful Impact Brand. Then when the time comes to relaunch or resurface your brand through the brand experience, it will truly resonate with your target audience, employees, and partners, solidifying your unique place in the market and primed for maximum impact.





Story & Messaging
Naming & Tagline
Impact Brand Guide


Look & Feel
Verbal Expression
Logo & ID
Visual Touchpoints
Impact Brand Playbook

So, why invest in branding?

Because building brand equity is vital to your future success.

Maybe you’re thinking, isn’t marketing the same thing as branding? It’s a common misconception, but they’re different and should be treated as such. We think of them as fraternal twins. Marketing pushes the brand to market, defines the tactics, and is part of the brand experience (10% of the iceberg). Branding is done before marketing, defines the trajectory, and shapes your business’s foundation (90% of the iceberg).

Just like mother earth, a brand is a living, breathing entity. Both branding and marketing play essential roles in building up the brand and bringing it to life. But if you don‘t dive deep and solidify the base of your iceberg, your business won‘t properly float.

Without a clear brand strategy and roadmap to guide you, any marketing dollars spent won’t go very far — you’ll be playing the short game. We help make sure you’re in it for the long run by building you a strategic brand that elevates your business for rapid growth, generating lasting economic value.
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