Portrait of Holly Greiff in tan colored cable knit sweater

Hey there!

I’m Holly Greiff

I’m a big-city, California designer turned brand strategist living in small-town Germany. Obsessed with: nature, eco-friendly living, green smoothies, and yoga pants. I live for adventure and have been keepin’ it real since 1984.

Let’s look back at when my love for the great outdoors began...

It was summertime, and just as the sun was rising, my father gently woke me to start getting ready for the day — we were going fishing. Overcome with excitement, I quickly dressed and grabbed my matching orange Snoopy fishing rod and tackle box. The smell of coffee filled the pickup truck while I savored my chocolate sprinkled doughnut and cold milk. We scouted the perfect spot for dropping our lines; no people, no noise, just the sound of the birds and rainbow trout splashing on the water’s surface. The serene environment hooked me right then and there. I learned to cherish these moments in nature; from river fishing to hiking in Yosemite National Park to camping with my family in Lake Tahoe, where mother nature allowed me to bask in all her glory, shaping the chapters of my life.

Holly Greiff as a young girl fishing in a river

I discovered at age 15, that my passion for art could turn into an exciting career in graphic design.

Ever since I won a blue ribbon for my farm illustration at five years old, I look back and wonder if my career path was predestined. Big wins along the way reinforce this thought, such as being honored with the highest art award my senior year in high school, being selected for the best graphic design portfolio my final semester at San Diego State University, and winning a brand identity competition while working in San Francisco. From boutique branding agencies to in-house marketing departments, I’ve cast a wide net with 15+ years of experience working in the creative space. As a certified brand specialist, I‘ve learned what it takes to craft beloved brands through authentic storytelling, brand thinking, and bold design.

Holly Greiff looking at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Fast forward to my 30th birthday where I felt like I had it all...well, except for love.

Enter a strapping German fellow named Stefan. He was visiting the US for the first time and we met through a mutual friend. Little did I know that a casual encounter would be the catalyst for my European adventure. You know how they say that the best things happen when you least expect them? It’s true! After a year and a half of dating, he proposed, and I moved my life from the hustle of the SF Bay Area to a quiet, small town in the forests of Germany — all for love. Now I consider myself an audacious individual, but culture shock knocked me clear off my feet. At first, it seemed like I would never become acclimated to the culture, but I’ve grown to love this place over time. My second family, close friends, and access to nature make me grateful to call my little village and Germany home.

Holly Greiff and her husband in Switzerland with mountain view

Four years later I hit rock bottom. My agency job was eliminated just two weeks before my honeymoon.

As hard as it was to lose a secure paycheck, it was actually a blessing in disguise. I was no longer challenged because the design projects required little creativity. The good news is I’ve never been one to dwell on misfortunes. When I was a child, moving around a lot taught me to be resilient — dust yourself off and climb the next mountain. So, I jumped off the cliff into entrepreneurship and chose to follow a secondary passion of mine, Scandinavian interior design. It was a bumpy road building a company from the ground up, plus the Corona pandemic arriving just two months after launching didn’t help. I decided it was best to close the business a year later. I told myself that perhaps I hadn’t yet realized my true calling. I desperately waited for a sign...

New Zealand mountain view with Holly Greiff


Luckily, the signs I had been hoping for showed up, clarifying both my passion and purpose in life.

My passion for branding runs deep, but somewhere along the way, I lost that fire. The first sign was a YouTube video by a well-known educator named Chris Do. He reignited that creative spark within and gave me the courage to start my very own brand strategy design consultancy.

The second sign closely followed and showed me my purpose. It came in the form of a profoundly moving documentary called ‘Kiss The Ground’ that reveals the first viable solution to our climate crisis. Watching it made me a believer and primed to take action.

From that moment, it became clear that my purpose in life is positive transformation. So, I thought, how could I use my passion and newfound purpose to build a better tomorrow? What if I devoted myself to helping good companies — one’s who share the same passion for social and environmental innovation — become better brands?

Like a Phoenix rising from the pandemic ashes,
Polarized Branding was born. Our mission is to help conscious companies transform into Impact Brands that everybody loves for a regenerative future.

Ready to make an impact with your brand? Let’s have a conversation to see if I can help you gain clarity around solving your biggest business challenges.

Holly Greiff wearing a yellow sweater sitting in her home office.
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