Elevated Clarity for Brand Regenerations

We help transform your businesses brand from invisible to impactful generating lasting economic value


To stand out and win hearts, the market demands an impactful brand

But there’s a problem...

  • You’re unclear on your brand story & target audience
  • Your business goals & vision have changed
  • You’re failing to differentiate from the competition
  • Your brand needs to match your product/service quality
  • You recently went through a merger & acquisition
  • You’re struggling to attract & retain top talent
  • You must impress investors to secure funding
  • You risk relevancy without evolving an outdated brand

We know how overwhelming building a brand can be; that’s why we’ve simplified the process, helping you climb to the mountain top with a fully supported Brand Quest

Belief is the currency of modern-day success

The power of a brand isn’t rooted in the quality of its products or services, but in its own beliefs. By merging authentic storytelling and brand thinking, your audience, staff, and investors will rally behind your mission, elevating your brand’s impact.


Venn diagram showing an overlap of authentic storytelling and brand thinking for Polarized Branding

To increase your impact, be more profitable, and build brand equity, you must evolve into an Impact Brand. Without one, you risk becoming an irrelevant business.

– Holly Greiff, Founder & Brand Strategist





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Naming & Tagline
Impact Brand Guide


Look & Feel
Verbal Expression
Logo & ID
Visual Touchpoints
Impact Brand Playbook
Holly Greiff in the snow wearing polarized sunglasses, a beanie, and a red jacket


Holly Greiff, The Impact Sherpa

Hey trailblazer, Holly here! Just think of me as your daring, down-to-earth mountain guide who will lead you out of market invisibility to impactful brand indelibility.‍

To stand out in today’s oversaturated and competitive marketplace, factoring social and environmental good into your business model won’t be enough. When it comes to branding, well-known brand strategist Marty Neumeier said it best, “When everyone zigs, zag.” We’re hardwired to notice what’s different, therefore the best brands are polarizing — they stand for something and have tribal fans because of it. In fact, 77 percent of customers buy from brands that share the same values. So what’s the key to building an impactful brand? Uncover its secret sauce.


Who do we work with?


with product-market fit


ready to level up


seeking renewability

Ready for your business to become an Impact Brand?

Begin your Brand Quest in three simple steps

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Book Clarity Call

Schedule a 30-minute call with Holly where you’ll share your business challenges and discover whether we’re the right fit to help you solve them.

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Map The Route

Chosen to climb with us? Great — get ready for your brand quest! We‘ll pick the best route for the journey ahead based on your specific branding needs.

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Summit The Peak

Enjoy the elevated clarity and your new Impact Brand; guaranteed to stand out, wins hearts, and create lasting economic value for a regenerative future.


Holly is beyond comparison when it comes to effectively presenting well thought out and very creative designs. The ability for someone to capture a visual representation of our work quickly is a huge asset. 

Bartlomiej Skorupa 

We can highly recommend Holly to add immediate value to any design project. She understands that creating the brand is as important as the quality of the brands implementation.  

Jeff Ivarson

Holly has a talented eye for clean, crisp and visually compelling design work. She is collaborative, reliable, thoughtful and creative. I feel fortunate to have partnered so closely with her. 

Jennifer Chae

She is an excellent designer and wonderful with clients. She asks all the right questions at the onset of a project and provides thoughtful solutions along the way.

Carolyn Post

Holly is a fantastic, proactive, and collaborative designer. Most importantly, she's guided by a strong set of personal values that makes her a trusted partner in any setting.

Giancarlo Brutocao
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